Thursday, 31 May 2012

My First Card Creations

It all started when my lovely sister talked me into making cards for a friend of hers and I was pleasantly surprised that she was more than happy to pay for them. In the past I have given them away with little thought to recompense. But this turn of events lead me to think that maybe someone else out there would appreciate my cards too.  I've been selling cards and other paper crafts for quite a while now....mostly at private parties, and I love it.  It's great getting paid to do something I am passionate about and absolutely enjoy!  How many people can say that these days? 

So, here am I, looking at making cards to sell online to those who love and appreciate the handmade look.  My cards are one of a kind, and made using heavyweight cards and envelopes.

So here is a look at the very first cards I made for sale.  I hope you enjoy!  


  1. These look fantastic - I can see why people would be happy to pay for them! I hope to see more cards soon.


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